Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Earth First Lawn Care eco-friendly?

We’re glad you asked. Eco-friendly is our middle name. We take a holistic approach to give you the lush, green lawn and weed free yard you so desire. Of high importance to our company is the safety of your beautiful children and animals. So, we’ve implemented new, yet old ways to achieve this. Instead of dumping loads of horribly dangerous and toxic do-it-all weed and feeds on your yard, we implement a variety of strategies that focus on soil health. That’s right. Soil health. If you have healthy, living soil, your lawn will thank you. All of those chemicals you put down kill your soil. So, we stick to organic, chemical-free products.

Same goes for weed control: organic, chemical-free products combined with good ole’ organic hand pulling.

Another aspect of our business that we put a lot of thought and energy into is our equipment. The quick and dirty, or shall I say clean, of it is, typical gas equipment is very polluting.  We have recently switched to operating on 90% electric equipment moving away from propane equipment.

And, you know what? We even wear organic Earth First Lawn Care t-shirts, use 100% recycled paper and envelopes, hand out business cards printed on recycled card stock and printed with soy ink and take showers only once a month. (We’re kidding on the shower thing….wrong image for our company.)

We’re always improving on our eco-friendliness. There’s always a cleaner, better, safer way to do business. For instance, one day, we dream of owning a fleet of electric powered trucks.

2. Do you cost more?
It’s time to break the myth that eco-friendly is more expensive. Here’s the truth. We are competitively priced with the next guy. You aren’t paying more for organic and eco-friendly. What we offer over and above the next guy though is an expertise in organic methods safe for you, your children and animals that will produce for you a beautiful and healthy lawn and yard. And get this; by allowing us to work our magic for a year of two, you won’t need all those multitudes of cure-all products anymore because your soil will take care of itself saving you a fortune. So, in essence, we are cheaper… in the long run!

3. Where do you service?
We service the Bellingham area.  Give us a call to see if we service  your area.

4. Is your all-natural approach effective?
Do earthworms love to eat? Yes, It most certainly is and they certainly do! Did you know that most of the chemicals our lawn care industry in the United States relies on have been banned from use in Canada and most of Europe? My point is, they are legally limited to using methods proven non-toxic and they are still producing lovely lawns and weed-free yards. Chemicals aren’t the only solution. We use an effective combination of techniques and products combining old Mother Earth wisdom with modern science to create lasting, beautiful, and safe effects.

5. What’s your favorite color?
You wouldn’t believe how often we’re asked this and we do love color here at Earth First Lawn Care. It’s so hard to narrow it down to just one color out of the plethora of colors that paint our planet. But, we’ve taken a vote and unanimously our favorite color is…..green!

Phone: 1-877-518-1511
Email: earthfirstlawncare@live.com