Seasonal Services

We have your lawn mowing and tree care needs covered, plus we offer the full range of yard services for complete property care.

Contact us so we can evaluate your specific needs and prepare your proposal.

Scheduled Services
• Mow, Trim, Edge & Clean up
• Fertilizer Program
• Weed Control
• Pruning
• Fall/Winter Clean Up
• Pet Waste Removal
One Time Services
• Mulching
• Aerating
• Dethatching
• Compost Topdressing
• Holiday Lighting


Mow, Trim, Edge & Clean up
Here’s the details: We maintain a tall mow height of 2 ½”  in efforts to encourage deep root growth. Weather depending we may mow more or less. With every mow we will be sure to trim around all buildings and obstacles within the lawn area. Mulch, shrub and flower beds as well as tree rings and walkways will all have a sharp, well defined edge. And who would we be to not clean up after ourselves. We guarantee a clean finish.

Fertilizer Program
Our fertilizer is 100% natural and safe for your family and pets. You will receive 4-6separate applications depending on your lawns condition.

Weed Control
We maintain all flower and mulch beds using hand techniques or natural weed control spray. Anything we use is safe around children and pets. While our methods are safe, we do not guarantee a 100% weed free job.

We provide a professionally maintained appearance of all of your ornamental shrubs and bushes as well as trees. Fruit trees are not included.

Seasonal Clean Up
All leaves will be removed from the entire property as the seasons permit, primarily fall and spring.

Pet Waste Removal
Nobody likes squished poo. All pet waste is picked up from the lawn area and disposed of properly.


Beauty and functionality in one, mulch provides a professional, clean look and acts as an amazing weed control. It also help keep moisture in during the summer and keep your plants warm in the winter.

Lawns have to breathe like you and I. Aeration removes 2-4 inch plugs of soil out of your lawn to allow air and nutrients to penetrate.

Is your thatch and/or moss out of control? We can help!

Compost Topdressing
Power packed turf nutrition, compost is the only slow release soil amendment containing all of the essential elements to maintain balanced levels of nutrients. Applied dry or in liquid form.

Holiday Lighting
It’s never too early to consider Christmas!
From small to large, we can make any size home or business look fantastic. Whether it’s roof line, landscape, or tree lighting, we will turn your home into a festive winter wonderland. We can provide all lights and accessories or hang the lights you already have. We also take down the lights, pack and store them as a part of our service.

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